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Bonart Creative Management proposes a good opportunity for artists abroad to make statement in United States. First of all, it is preferably to be well-know in your homeland city and country. Second, there are different rules of artwork’s export depending in what country are you from. We will help to obtain necessary documents, which allows you to move collection to USA.

The most important place for your exhibitions is New York – the world’s center of contemporary art. More than 80% of our artworks were sold in this city. To make an exhibition here is not a simple task. Because usually galleries are scheduled cultural events years in advance. Another problem for young artist – a higher cost for exposition. For example, in Manhattan you must pay up to 5000$ per one artwork exposed. But wait, don’t panic!

You don’t need to spend a cosmic money just for a try to expose an artwork for East Coast hipsters :-). BCM team knows methods how to promote artists in New York. We have a connection to local art managers, galleries and art festivals.

Why is it matter for artist to have exhibitions here? Not only because of sales, where the same artwork costs a few times higher then in most parts of Earth. The main reason is to capitalize your name in a world of art. The artist who has exhibitions here, increasing a value of all his artworks, especially in online sales.

Moreover, from 2020 BCM opens a branch of BONART GALLERY in New York city. What does it means? Artists who working with us will have brilliant opportunities to have exhibitions and performances without restrictions.

Are you still waiting? Common, don’t be shy, we are ready for business talking in any time. Just message or call us through contacts section.