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Ukraine is a country with a population over 42 mil. citizens, located in Eastern Europe. It is a land of many young talented artists. There is a good way for those who want to become a pro, to begin fulfill your exhibitions portfolio here. The reason is because of cheapest prices for organization. BCM team has launched many art projects here, for example, ecological exhibition “Power of Earth”. You will be pleasured of engagement level and good conditions for grow up as a recognized artist.

Also it is a comfortable place for trading artworks with E.U. citizens. If you are from Asia or Latin America, we can along with exhibitions to help you with online sales to Europe. It would be much cheaper then pay for shipping through the ocean.


Art space created in collaboration with “Knyzhkovyi Lev” store. Based in Lviv, Ukraine. Also there is inner yard outside, where master classes, presentations and other events are carries out.

Also there is a coffee shop here. Gallery is located in downtown, it have become a nice place to spend a time for young art lovers.


Lviv, Ukraine. A place of Modern art where artists have opportunities to show their creativity in art, sculpture, installation and performance. Located in a former factory building, Zefirina has a large space for three-dimensional artworks.


Gallery is located in downtown of Poltava, Ukraine. At the land of famous historical Ukrainian writers Ivan Kotliarevskiy, Mykola Gogol and legendary child artist Sasha Putrya. It is working also as a shop of Ukrainian souvenirs and glass artworks.

The time is a money! Your artworks must travel and to be showed for public around the world. We hope, Ukraine will become a gates to recognition in Europe for such creative artist as you! Connect us through contacts section and let’s have a deal to create your bright future!