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From August 2019 a main office of Bonart Creative Management Company is based in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Why this country is attractive for artists? Because it is a part of Europe Union, it has high average salaries and quality of life. So people like to buy artworks here. There are many galleries in downtown of the city. For example, few and more galleries are located on one whole street.

Howewer, it is very hard to have exhibition here for young artists. Because there is a law which allows to have exhibitions only for residents (sic!). Don’t be sad, BCM team knows what to do, just trust yourself to professionals. If you want to promote artworks in Denmark, contact us.


Canada is a place, where our company was established. Later we moved activity to USA and Europe. But till the nowadays there are good connections with art circles in Toronto. So you can use exhibitions and promotion here as a part of global strategy to be recognized in North America. Also the reason can be to prepare a portfolio background before to storm New York galleries and prestigious contests.


BONART GALLERY ISRAEL was established in collaboration with Azerbaijani Jewish Society.