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All you need is Your talent.We'll take care of the rest.

Welcome on board!

We are Bonart Creative Management team. Our activity is dedicated to PR and promotion of talented artists. A company offer a wide range of services: from digital promotion solutions to a full-fledged art management. The founder of BCM is Arthur Bon, Canadian ceramist and abstract painter. Our mission is to help artists become popular and recognized, capitalize their name in a world of art. We believe that every talent must to be achieved by audience’s attention and have a commercial success.

On this site you can find an information about our services, projects and people who working with us.


Bogdan Kukharskiy, sculptor

“I am started to work with Bonart Creative Management Company around a half of a year. These guys know their job. I am glad that I don’t need to be bothered with social media, digital content now. They doing all digital things and I am spending my time on making artworks. Also BCM helps me to take part in new exhibitions, consulting at legal questions, selling my artworks abroad. I am satisfied!”

Ann Petushynska, artist

“I’ve been trying to self-promote during last two years. Then decided to collaborate with Bonart Creative Management Company. I like their digital solutions, individual approach to each client. Now I have new opportunities to grow up as an artist and to have exhibitions abroad. If you want to be involved in art as a pro, I recommend BCM.”

Oksana Fedchyshyn, artist

Every artist need a promotion of his works and personality. I choose Bonart Creative Management Company because they are very experienced in PR for artists. I discovered many new interesting things with them! BCM team advancing my artworks in USA now. Incredible how short was a way from a student to a professional! Believe in yourself and connect the right people

Olga Bartysh, artist

“It is a pleasure to have business with a team of professionals which is Bonart Creative Management Company. I have open up new sides of my creativity, tried myself in different genre of art. Whatever I need: a photo session or personal exhibition, modernize my personal page or to get any recommendation, many professionals of different areas are waiting to help out.”

Have questions or offers? You can easily contact! Just drop an email or use any other way noticed in contacts page. Lets build your future in art together!